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Shanxi Huade Smelting & Casting Co., Ltd. was established on May 18th 2007 and has registered capital of RMB 30 million. The company specializes in producing engineering machinery accessories and auto parts mainly for forklift, crane, loader, tractor, excavator, harbor front crane and other mechanical parts.

The company brings in V casting production line, lost-foam casting production line, Iron-based coated sand casting production line and DISA production line. The company`s annual production capability can reach 60,000 tons and the maximum single piece weight is 20 tons.

Shanxi Huade has over 380 employees in manufacturing department, 9 in-house engineers and 30 quality inspectors on site.

Import / Export Logistics

BTS5 Incorporated provides a broad range of integrated logistics management services tailored to your needs for optimal operational excellence.

We provide you with cost-effective and efficient movement of your product globally.


We provide the complete solution for your warehousing needs. BTS5 specializes in full-service, client-specific solutions for storage and transportation of your product.

Our all-inclusive warehouse service is suitable for both retail products as well as storing goods for later distribution and JIT customer deliveries. BTS5 is capable of integrating inventory, logistics and order management into your work-flow systems, providing you with access to critical monitoring control information. Our staff and location enables quick movement of your products by air, rail, water or truck.


BTS5 Incorporated is a full-service organization providing, client specific solutions that allows for safe storage and transport of your product through the logistics process.

We provide online inventory tracking, sequencing, material lot control, lot traceability and import / export services with your international customer base. Stock and release programs, JIT deliveries from our trusted carriers. At BTS5 we go the distance for you.

Services Available

Casting Design

Gray and Ductile Iron Castings from 10 lbs. to 22 Tons we can handle all of your casting needs.

Light Assembly

Ship parts to our facility to be assembled onto your castings before being delivered.


From simple holes to complex machining we have the ability to supply castings complete for your assembly.

Warehouse Solutions

Free up your space form manufacturing and have parts shipped JIT.


With thickness and gloss testing, we can paint to your company’s requirements.

3PL, Transportation & Distribution

BTS5 Incorporated utilizes our Trusted 3PL, Transportation and Distribution Network.